Fresh Banana Robusta, 1kg

Price: ₹44.00 - ₹36.00
(as of Dec 22,2022 13:45:30 UTC – Details)

It is a semi-tall variety, grown mostly in tamil nadu and some parts of Karnataka for table purpose. Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. It is a high yielding and produces bunch of large size with well developed fruits. Fruit is very sweet with a good aroma. Bunch weighs about 25-30 kg.
Graded, sorted and quality fruits and vegetables
Fresh, hygienic and natural
Semi tall variety with a very sweet taste and a good aroma
They contain lots of dietary fiber and are an excellent source of instant energy.
One banana supplies 30 percent of the daily vitamin B6 requirement and is rich in vitamin C, potassium and fiber.
ingredients:fresh banana

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