Tata Salt, Vacuum Evaporated Iodised, 1kg Pouch

Price: ₹25.00
(as of Dec 21,2022 06:58:20 UTC – Details)

Iodine is an essential dietary nutrient for humans because it is a key component that is required for normal growth, thyroid, and proper brain functioning. Introducing, Tata Salt which assures purity and guarantees the right amount of iodine in the salt. Iodine helps in the proper mental development of children and prevents iodine deficiency disorders in adults. With its Vacuum Evaporation technology, Tata Salt provides you a hygienic alternative to loose unbranded salt – a salt that is untouched by hand. Use this salt to make your favorite meals like biryani, veggies, soup, etc. delicious and healthy at the same time. STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in a cool and dry place.
PROMISE OF PURITY: Tata Salt offers you a hygienic alternative to loose unbranded salt
BALANCED TASTE: Makes your favourite dishes delicious & healthy at the same time
IODINE GUARANTEED: Contains iodine for normal growth, thyroid & brain function
VACUUM EVAPORATED SALT: The vacuum evaporated salt is untouched by hands
SUPPORTS MENTAL DEVELOPMENT: Iodine helps in the normal mental development of children
AMAZING DISHES: Enhance your everyday dishes like chapattis, veggies, soup, etc.

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